About Us

Across our restaurants at University Limerick, we have a wide range of food options, freshly prepared with local ingredients and at great value!. Eden Restaurant, the main campus restaurant, is located in the Main Building, Block D, Level M.

In the main building there is also Pizza Pronto,Subway and the Red Raisins restaurant located in the Red Raisins in the Main Building, Block B, Level 1.

Visit our other food services such as the Cube Cafe located in the Kemmy Business School Building, the Cafe Allegro in the Concert Hall, the Cafe Aroma in theComputer Science Building, River Cafe in the Millstream Courtyard, Cafe Verde in the Health Science Building and our latest addition to the University is the Right Track Cafe in the PE Building.

We cater for Vegetarians and have a Gluten Free hot dish daily in Eden Restaurant. So, come visit us… Today!

A 24 hour vending service is also available at the following locations:

  • · Red Raisins – Main Building, Block A, Level 1
  • · Kemmy Business School Ground Level
  • · Cafe Aroma Computer Science Building Ground Level
  • · Cafe Verde Health Science Ground Level

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